Smog Myths

Myth: If my car fails, I will be punished and will require a smog check every year.

Fact: Smog checks are required every other year. Regardless of previous results.

Myth: A Pretest will prevent the State from knowing my car failed.

Fact: The smog analyzer is Always connected to the state computer. Pretests are commonly marketed for the station to generate additional income. Pretests are not recommended.

Myth: You can get a super cheap smog with no strings attached.

Fact: Operating a smog station is expensive...if it sounds too cheap, there is a catch.

Smog Frequently Asked Questions

Station Types defined:

Smog Check Test Only Station:

Smog stations that only perform California smog check inspections. No repairs at all. The state considers Test Only stations unbiased and therefore allowed to smog inspect and certify all vehicles for all reasons.

Gold Shield Smog Station:

Repair stations that are also licensed to perform smog inspections and repairs. Licensed to perform state subsidized repairs. Know as the CAP program (currently reinstated via new CA budget), qualifying motorists can receive state money to aid in smog related repairs.

Smog Test & Repair

Traditional (regular) smog inspection performed by a mechanic shop that is licensed to inspect and repair. Limited to certifying only "non directed" vehicles. If your registration states: Smog certification required by a Test Only or Gold Shield Station, your vehicle cannot be certified here.

Bottom Line

Test Only stations are the fast efficient unbiased solution for ALL your smog check needs. But not all stations are created equally. Elements you should consider when choosing the correct station are:

Ultimately, this is a service that you are going to perform only once every two years. It's a good idea to find a quality station that you can get to know and trust.

Take advantage of our smog check test only coupon (located on the coupon page). Simply print the smog coupon and bring it with you for the test. When you are ready to make an appointment for a smog check, please call us at (714) 596-1019. Just Smogs test only center will take care of all your smog check needs!

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